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Resources: Online Booking Software

Today’s uncertain times brings opportunity. No longer can you think and do more of the same. During our session “what to do if your practice needs to shut down during a crisis” we talked about various strategies to raise revenue in the event you are unable to provide face-to-face contact. But it’s not just about being reactive. This is about future-proofing your practice in lateral ways. During that session, I promised links to online booking software to enhance a lead magnet or funnel, that your practice management software may (or may not) be able to provide. A curated list and things to consider.

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Resource: Project/Task Management Software

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to organize tasks and projects with your team. Or, managing a remote team (as a forward-thinking dental practice) here are a few project management tools to consider, as well as, guidelines to consider and tips.

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Time for a comprehensive examination for your hygiene department? We’ll pin-point your areas for potential so that you can start unlocking it

Most locations are fully booked.  A live workshop for dental practice owners, together with OHT/HYG’s

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