BSc. App Sc (Pod); Grad. Dip. B.A; M.B.A

Trainer, Speaker, Change & Improvement Consultant

Having a broad cross-section of experience allows Yolanda to bring innovative strategies to her dental clients - rather than "more of the same."
Different times needs different thinking.

Yolanda is educated and trained in the SCIENCE  of improvement and change. That means she understands WHAT  interventions work, but most importantly WHEN is the right time to implement certain changes in YOUR practice. 

Yolanda is the Founder of The Peak Performance Practice and Peak Hygiene Performance.
She is a progressive and innovative change leader who provides strategic direction to dental practices, identifying and maximising their opportunities, to improve patient outcomes and practice growth.

Educated as a health professional, owner of various private practices and having obtained further qualifications in management & leadership, she has worked with dental practices for 17 years and brings real-world knowledge, results and understanding of strategies that drive highly successful private practices. Her passion for the industry led her to complete a research thesis as part of her MBA in 2006 on patient loyalty frameworks, internal marketing and patient retention models of best practice.

Observing wasted opportunities in dental practices, Yolanda also founded Peak Hygiene Performance to help dentists better utilise their greatest hidden asset – recalls. Formulating a highly successful framework to further cultivate ongoing patient relationships and give patients a strong reason to return, not only are dental practices unlocking the potential in their dental practices through hygiene, they are most importantly, making an even greater impact on the health and well-being of their patients.

Described as “an inspiring and motivational presenter, who shifts mindsets through challenging the way we think,” she strongly believes that the dental landscape is fundamentally changing and will continue to do so. Practices must change to survive. “Different times needs different thinking”. In the pursuit of being at the forefront, she keeps a “finger on the pulse” and relentlessly pursues cutting-edge continuing education to provide her clients with the latest knowledge & strategies so that they too can drive stellar growth in their practice.

As a change management specialist, she is also called upon by medium to larger medical and health care organisations to identify best practice models of care and drive changes for health service reform. Additionally, she creates and develops change and capability programs, coaches and consults to senior executives, CEO’s and Boards on how to steer such changes across their organisations.